TV commercial


A great, great adventure for me as a Producer and Art Director. advertisments encourage users to log-in to portal and profit from its various benefits. In occasion of a rebranding we decided to build a fantasy set design and tint it fully using Player's new identity color. To boost communication we chose two most realiable Polish celebrities Martyna Wojciechowska and Marcin Prokop as hosts.


Producer: Bartosz Przepiórkiewicz
Creative Director: Radosław Kotapka
Director: Weronika Ławniczak / Papaja Films
Production Coordinator: Anna Mierzyńska
DOP: Olgierd Michalak
Art Director: Bartosz Przepiórkiewicz
Story: Jakub Kempny/ Radosław Kotapka
Set design: Anna Mioduszewska
Editors: Wojciech Lisowski / Alex Peralyhin
CG & compositing artist: Bartosz Przepiórkiewicz
Grading: Monika Jakutowicz