HAJJ Idents

TV Channel idents


Idea is based on the pictures of the Holy Place, Mecca, Ka'ba. Approach was to reflect the essence of the social and spiritual relations in the Muslim world. Abstract treatment of the traditional principle of a relation between the center and its surroundings, symbolizes the center as the metaphysical source of values, binding it's peripheries by strong moral and spiritual connection.

The core is to convey base graphical structure of Ka'ba as a center object and circulating forces that gathers around it. We use fine arts as a visual platform. We combine main concept with an artistic and contemporary style. We used different hand craft techniques to achieve a wide range of eye pleasing images. To emphasize even more the black Ka'ba and it's white surroundings we selected contrasted bright and dark materials. We chose to be modest, nature close, stark and clean.


Concept, Creative direction