Bartosz Przepiórkiewicz
Player sting
Player brand needed a TV sponsor sting. Translation of 2D visual identity into 3D world was a great exploration. My goal was to emphasize brand colors and freedom of multi-device access to Player.
Player sting Player sting Player sting
A great, great adventure for me as a Producer and Art Director. advertisments encourage users to "log-in" to portal and profit from its various benefits. In occasion of a rebranding we decided to build a fantasy set design and tint it fully using Player's new identity color. To boost communication we chose two most realiable Polish celebrities Martyna Wojciechowska and Marcin Prokop as hosts.
Lip Sync Battle
Motion design peace I made for a promo of Lip Sync Battle Show. Regarles rather small size of this project I realy love the overall outcome -> entertaining visuals full of bold 3D filled up with stage lights and flares.
Lip Sync Battle Lip Sync Battle Lip Sync Battle Lip Sync Battle Lip Sync Battle Lip Sync Battle
TVN Turbo is known for entertaining men audience. After creating a logo I was commisioned to develop a full TV show identity oriented on MMA. The aim was to visually reflect muscle power, dynamics and body endurance - all that the champion figther need to posses to beat down other opponents in the ring.
1na1 1na1 1na1 1na1 1na1
Sports Day

sports day sports day sports day sports day sports day
Idea is based on the pictures of the Holy Place, Mecca, Ka'ba. Approach was to reflect the essence of the social and spiritual relations in the Muslim world. Abstract treatment of the traditional principle of a relation between the center and its surroundings, symbolizes the center as the metaphysical source of values, binding it's peripheries by strong moral and spiritual connection.
The core is to convey base graphical structure of Ka'ba as a center object and circulating forces that gathers around it. We use fine arts as a visual platform. We combine main concept with an artistic and contemporary style. We used different hand craft techniques to achieve a wide range of eye pleasing images. To emphasize even more the black Ka'ba and it's white surroundings we selected contrasted bright and dark materials. We chose to be modest, nature close, stark and clean.
hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj
I guess it is my favorite project I was part of - first of all in terms of a great outcome, awarded gold on Promax BDA Europe and than gold and silver at KTR Poland. Also I love it because of the target group of small kids that MiniMini+ is dediated to. And finally it was a great pleasure to work with so many talented people in Canal + Poland.
Having this rebranding task we aimed mostly at two aspects. Most important for us was to rise the general branding visual quality and achieve a contemporary, high end, unique esthetics. We worked on each detail, from logo, typography, main elements, colors to overal broadcast stucture, on-air fluency and animation flow. Big challenge was to develop our brand character - Minimini fish - and give it a new, artistic look to itself and it's underwater environment.
Second gol we focused on was to boost an interaction between our young audience and the new branding. To build this relationship we gave our lovely fish a task to attract and involve the kids by eye-2-eye contact, gestures and most of all by engaging them to play many games in front of TV screen like: hide'n'seek, simple guesig or on-screen drawing.
minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+ minimini+
Rehla is a show for children between 6-9 years old featuring interesting sites and places in Qatar. In each episode group of Qatari students travel by BUS to one of this places to learn and discover its secrets.
I took advantage of a long deadline and decided to challenge the team in all creative fields. For title sequence we managed to involve high end Red Epic gear to get the best possible quality. After a long process of 3D modeling we were ready to put those two elements together for animation, compositing and finaly postproduction. Simultaneously we developed a 2D graphic environment merging TV package with print, welcome-packs and our Bus into one cheerful branding. Our goal was to be happy, colorful so to encourage kids to travel with us and to show that exploring Qatar is nothing but a joyful experience.
rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla rehla
Every year Al Galayel region in Qatar becomes a place for a traditional hunting competition. For 28 days a camera follows a battle between the teams and checks who hunts more prays.
I wanted to focus on the pure and eternal clash between the man and nature. The hunters struggle with the wild desert depending only on their own skills, instinct and strength - like heroes from the ancient times we've all heard stories about. We based the whole identity on a key-visual showing the hunters in a glorious, strong poses, stylized on an adventure poster concept. Photo session involved also animal members of the teams - falcons, salooki dogs, horses and camels. Achieved visual was a base for us to build all the medias upon - print, TV, internet.
Galayel galayel galayel galayel galayel galayel galayel galayel
This prime-time entertainement show brought not only big prizes to its contestants but gathered as well a huge audience in front of TV screens during Ramadan.
As the scope of work was realy wide I turned to our friends from FRAME in Denmark to help us in preparing an opening sequence. We had already a general direction for studio set design and so we translated it together for broadcast language. In-house we have prepared a massive amount of print materials - invitations, adds, tickets, branding of the studio and its building, prizes branding, crew outfits. We followed with website and internet banners. For broadcast we worked on series of teasers and promos. Finally we worked simultaneously on broadcast on-screen elements, video wall graphics and contestant screens displays.
Probably it was the biggest project I art directed in Al Rayyan. High contrast, sharpness, glossyness, rough geometry, ambient glows turned out to be a good recipe for our rich, entertaining, high voltage branding. To our satisfaction we managed to create a unique and strong visual identity.
shedhalack shedhalack shedhalack+ shedhalack shedhalack shedhalack shedhalack shedhalack+
Self initiated project focused on finding an identity for all sort of short episodes, programs, documentaries and impressions that filles out TV breaks. The challenge was this exciting as it demanded to find a solution that protects diversity and uniqness of each short, on the other hand defining a common branding consolidating all members of our fillers family.
Creative idea is based on dice tossing and shuffling - when any filler starts the viewer never knows which one will be drawn this time. Screen is devided into 15 equal rectangles where each one represents and acts as a 6-sided dice. This common visual-shuffling process finaly reveals a key visual and an icon that represents a particular filler. Together with a custom music composition it gives a desired level of creative flexibility to build a tailored and unique identity for each short.
Fillers fillers fillers fillers fillers
Opening sequence for show called "hoteLOVE" on DOMO+ channel, that presents a various, high class hotels around Poland.
I was inspired by the design and style of the 60's, especially movie posters. Idea for the music also comes from the heritage of a major Hollywood composer of those times Henry Mancini.
hoteLOVE hoteLOVE hoteLOVE
Noc Krótkiego Metrażu
12 leading pages for the annual show in CANAL+ called "Best Shorts Evening". This time there were 12 animation shorts selected from around the globe.
During my stop-motion work I used Canon 5D EOS Mark II + 18mm macro lens, Dragon Frame 2.0, After Effects, Illustrator for handwrighting typography.
Noc Krótkiego Metrażu Noc Krótkiego Metrażu Noc Krótkiego Metrażu
Design - istota rzeczy
DOMO+ produced a show about design. My intention that I based on this opening sequence was to emphasize that design is an act of creation and even the simplest and most common things we use in our lives, like scissors or paper clip have been born as a fruit of creative, complicated process.
Design - istota rzeczy Design - istota rzeczy Design - istota rzeczy
Fresh Air
Opening sequence for HYPER tv programme about games.
Fresh Air Fresh Air Fresh Air
Towarzysz Generał
This freelance project was an opening titles for a controversial documentary about life of general Wojciech Jaruzelski an actual ruler of Poland during communist era. It's visual concept is a tribute to propaganda posters commonly used by soviets in Eastern Europe after 2nd World War.
Towarzysz Generał Towarzysz Generał Towarzysz Generał
Napoje - Kuchnia TV
I had this opportunity to prepare a series of idents and a TV branding for CANAL+ cuisine channel. Below I placed my favorite ident which actually was the first I finished along the way. Maybe that is why I like it the most.
Napoje - Kuchnia TV Napoje - Kuchnia TV Napoje - Kuchnia TV